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Sot-Vos Nebbiolo aromatic wine

It is a special wine, produced with Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC, flavoured with cinchona, quassio and gentian; their active principles are extracted by maceration in a low temperature ambient, with final add of sugar, alcohol and aromatic spices (cardamom, bitter orange, tonca broad bean, mace). Wine flavoured with cinchona was born in Piedmont in the XX century as a digestive and medicinal beverage, but soon it spread thanks to its particular bitter-sweet taste. The colour is intense garnet red, and its alcohol content is 16% vol.
Ideal with sweet, in particular made with chocolate and coffee, Sot-vos is a meditation wine, to taste exactly in a low voice... In fact “Sot-vos” is a piedmont dialect expression meaning “in a low voice”.